Membrapol 900 Tix


MEMBRAPOL PRIMER 900 TIX NEW is a special three-component primer based on epoxy resins and special reactive hydraulic binders for the preparation of even humid surfaces. It adheres to both compact and porous building materials even if damp, and to unseasoned concrete. It forms an effective barrier against counterthrust water up to 10 bar and is permeable to water vapour. Furthermore, it can be overcoated with any cycle of epoxy, polyurethane and epoxy-polyurethane resins, at low, medium and high thickness. Applicable both indoors and outdoors.

MEMBRAPOL PRIMER 900 TIX NEW is a thixotropic coating, easy to apply and free of solvents. After the treatment, a continuous and homogeneous layer is obtained which allows, where required, insulation from the water contained in the building material. It meets the requirements of the European Standard EN 1504-2 “Product for protection against the risk of penetration 1.3 (C) – humidity control 2.2 (C) – increase in resistivity 8.2 (C)”.


  • General purpose primer for the protection of cementitious substrates
  • Treatment of damp cement surfaces to obtain the anchoring of continuous resin floors or ceramic coverings as long as suitable adhesives are used
  • Treatment of damp walls to obtain anchoring and insulation of plasters and finishes or as a direct anti-damp treatment
  • Treatment of damp cement surfaces to obtain the anchoring of protective and waterproofing coatings
  • Repair and grouting of irregular surfaces and compact cement substrates with residual humidity higher than that allowed for the installation of wooden and resin flooring
  • Regularization and elimination of pitting on demoulding concrete
  • Anchoring primer for self-levelling cementitious coatings
  • Regularizing and waterproofing treatments suitable for containing water on canals, collectors and pipes
  • Old epoxy or polyurethane systems properly cleaned, degreased and moistened


  • Easy to apply, solvent-free thixotropic coating
  • Excellent adhesion on all building materials used in construction such as: concrete, tuff, natural stone, bricks, cement blocks
  • Excellent adhesion on damp surfaces
  • Excellent barrier to counter-thrust water even under pressure
  • Provides a layer impervious to water but permeable to water vapour
  • Product applicable both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be overcoated with any cycle of Membrapol epoxy, polyurethane and epoxy-polyurethane resins, with low, medium and high thickness
  • After hardening, with suitable waterproof finishes
  • MEMBRAPOL resists the counterthrust of water up to 10 bar
  • Application temperature from +5°C to +45°C with R.H. 85% maximum on the support
  • Operating temperature from -35°C to +110°C in air and +65°C in water