Membrapol 301 VK


MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU is a two-component system for spray application used for the production of rigid, closed microcellular polyurethane foam with medium elasticity and self-extinguishing, does not contain ozone depleting CFC and HCFC.

MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU thanks to the multiplicity of properties and almost generalized possibilities of use, the product ranks among the most modern and effective high performance insulating materials.

MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU consists of two components – MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU which is a blend of polyols designed for roof and wall insulation using spray technology. MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU reacts with MEMBRAPOL IP L (polymeric MDI) to give a polyurethane foam.

MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU meets the requirements of the EN UNI 14315-1 standard – “Thermal insulation for buildings. In-situ formed and sprayed polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam products – Part 1: Specifications for sprayed rigid foam system prior to installation.”


MEMBRAPOL FOAM 40 PU is used as:

  • Thermal insulation of buildings, houses, industrial buildings,  farm buildings, ship and pipe insulation.
  • Internal and external insulation.
  • Insulating coating for under-tile, attic and wall coverings.



  • An excellent thermal insulation of the external walls with considerable benefit for living comfort and consequent energy savings and significantly reduces the transmission of noise.
  • Spray technology guarantees continuous application forming a monolithic covering with total absence of thermal bridges and perfect adherence to various types of substrate.
  • Impermeability to water due to the closed cell structure and the permeability of water vapor do not allow the occurrence of the condensation effect, resisting over time to multiple bad weather.
  • Lightweight material, this allows to lighten the structural load by absorbing the natural movements of the support to which it is applied, without suffering any damage thanks to the elastic properties of the product.
  • Elimination of any possibility of nesting of small insects or animals.
  • Chemical-physical-biological stability makes it unaffected by solvents, hydrocarbons, aggressive atmospheres, lichens and microorganisms.
  • Inert and non-toxic product.